Jet Water Cannon

Jet Water Cannon Jet Water Cannon Jet Water Cannon Jet Water Cannon
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Jet Water Cannon
Product Code: 10-109-46

Product Description :


For all things that require a good washing, clean all your tools and vehicle with this DEAL - EZ Jet Water Cannon-Powerful Pressure Washer with 8 Adjustable Nozzles and Built-in Liquid Dispenser! 


With the power of a pressure washer, the EZ Jet Water Cannon comes with the convenience of a hose in a single 8-in-1 tool. Blasting away dirt and grime from sidewalks, patios and driveways has never been so easy. It also clean leaves from gutters, windows, house exteriors, cars, boats, sidewalks, steps, and sliding doors. Simply attach it to your hose with eight different EZ Jet Spray settings with just the turn of a dial.


*Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 43cm (L)

*Material: plastic

*Colour: blue

*8 adjustable spray patterns

*Built-in detergent dispenser

*Attaches to any standard hose





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Volumetric Weight : 1.190 kg

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